Personal Data Protection Notice

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Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. Mobile Broadband Business Personal Data Protection Notice
Thank you for being a customer of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.'s(hereinafter referred to as "we ") Mobile Broadband Business(hereinafter referred to as "this service"). We recognizes your privacy and personal data protection and invites you to control your personal data. The following explains how we collect, process, and use your personal data, and you have certain rights to exercise. Please note that if you are not the person applying for this service (not a party to the contract) but useing the service (appliing by others for your use), the following also applicable to you. Those who apply for this service are obliged to let those who actually use this service to read the following contents in detail.
1.Who is collecting your personal data
 Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
2. Why do we collect your personal data (specific purposes)
● Fulfill contractual obligations and execute contractual rights● Fulfill statutory obligations
● Consumer , customer management and services● Information (communication) services / database management / security management
● Survey, statistics and research analysis● Telecommunication business / telecommunication value-added network business
● Operating communication business● Advertising or business conduct management
● Reservation, accommodation registration and ticket purchase● Movie, music and media management
● E-commerce services● Member Management
● Marketing● Other consulting and advisory services
● Other businesses combined with business registration items or articles of association● Legal transaction of personal data
3.Which personal data we collect from you, such as:
 ● Account Information
 Contain the identification and characteristic personal data in this application you filled out(identification documents must be provided according to the law), the phone number we assigned to you, communication records, billing records and payment methods, historical service records, and other information relevant to Account-related personal data.
 ● Internet usage information
 Contain the information about how you use our mobile broadband service and the effectiveness of our mobile broadband service.
 ● Web browsing information / mobile device application information
 Contain the information about the web pages you browse using our mobile broadband service (such as URL, time, etc.), and the information about for your mobile device application usage (such as application name, usage, etc.).
 ● Location information
 Refer to the geographic location information of the network you connect to useing our mobile broadband service.
 ● Other service information
 If you have become or will become our customer / member of our other services, we may integrate your personal data with other services so that we can understand you better and provide more optimized and appropriate services.
 ● Other information
 Other information generated when you use our services
4.How we use your personal data
 4.1Period and region
 We will use your personal data during your use of this service (account retention) and within the region. When this contract is terminated or rescinded (you no longer use this service), we will retain and use your personal data within the scope and period required or permitted by law. After that period, we will use those non-personal data generated during your use of this service in an unidentifiable way.          
 4.2Who provides / discloses personal data
  • We will never disclose your personal information to third parties , unless we obtain your consent or follow relevant laws and regulations.
  • If you agree , we may provide your personal data to a third party entrusted by us (such as marketing / analysis / advertising / public relations, logistics, cash flow, information service, etc.) to help us reach specific purposes within the scope of the entrustment. We will perform the necessary supervision of the entrusted third party to ensure the security of your personal data.
 4.3Ways to use personal data
 We will use your personal data in necessary ways for collection purposes, such as:
  • Create a customer / member file for you so that we can manage the account.
  • Contact you commercially via your various contact methods, or notify you of information related to this service.
  • Send billing / calling information to your address or e-mail address; inform you about payment / calling by telephone contact or SMS.
  • Provide you by all your contact information for marketing information, such as preferential solutions, promotional activities, and other telecommunications service solutions that are more suitable for you.
  • Analyze your personal data to optimize our services, and may recommend products / services suitable for you based on the analysis results
  • Analyze your personal data and produce results in the form of statistical data, trends, or other forms that cannot identify you, and provide them to our enterprise customers as a basis for business judgment(E.g. to let enterprise customers know about their hot spots in the store, the age / gender distribution of consumers, the time the consumers are parked, etc.)
 4.4Use outside the specific purposes
 We will only use your personal data in accordance with the preceding instructions to the extent necessary for the purpose of collection, unless:
  • The law clearly states. For example, it is required by the judicial authority or the competent authority to provide personal data according to law.
  • It is necessary to promote the public interest or to prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others. For example, detecting / preventing fraud or cybercrime.
  • To avoid danger to your life, body, freedom or property. For example, when your whereabouts are unknown, your location information will be provided to a third party who has the right to know.
  • Entrusted by a public agency or academic research institution, it is necessary for statistical or academic research based on public interest, and provides information to the public agency or academic research institution in the form of not identifying you, or provide information in a form that can identify you, but the public agency or academic research institution guarantees that the results produced and disclosed to the outside world cannot identify you.
  • Obtain your consent according to law.
  • Beneficial to your rights.
5.What rights you have to exercise
  • You have the right to request inquiries, view our personal data held by us, or request us to provide copies. But we have to charge the necessary costs according to law.
  • You have the right to supplement or correct your personal data with us.
  • When this contract is terminated or cancelled, or when you think we no longer need your personal data, you have the right to request us to delete, stop processing or use your personal data. But we must(For example, the law has stipulated the retention period), or when we obtain your written consent, we may still save or continue to process and use your personal data.
  • If you believe that we violated the collection, processing or use of your personal data, you have the right to request us to delete, stop processing or use your personal data. But we will check if there is any illegal matters and reply the result to you.
  • If you no longer wish to receive our marketing information, you have the right to notify us to refuse to receive marketing information.
  • If you want to exercise the above rights, according to the laws, regulations and the company's relevant rules, please contact our service centers or dial the free customer service phone (local phone: 123, 0800-080-123, mobile: 0800-080 -090), online customer service center( consultation. We may decide whether to accept the application in accordance with the provisions of Articles 10 and 11 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the considerations necessarily including the execution of the business and the legal preservation period.
6.The impact if you do not provide personal data
  • The personal data listed in the application form are all required fields. If it is not filled in correctly and completely, you may not be able to apply for this service, or you will not be able to receive the necessary information related to this service immediately.
  • Other personal data is generated (automatically) and recorded during the use of this service. If you do not want us to process or use it, please follow the above method to exercise rights .

Do you agree (unchecked regarded as disagree, which will not impact the use of our service)
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    Version Date:2021-04-28